Friday, September 05, 2008

Bureaucracy and the bureaucratic bureaucrats who bureau


OK. I've been working on a project since February. I'm trying to save my organization a lot of money. Seven-figures a year kind of money. It's not a guaranteed thing, but I'm testing the waters and hoping something will bite.

However, before I put my line in the water, I have to get approval. I've done all the background research, put my ducks in a row and have put together a pretty stellar packet (IMNSHO). However, every time I bring it up to the front office for approval, it keeps getting kicked back. The first time was understandable, but it's getting ridiculous.

Let's look at a timeline, shall we? I got the idea in Feb. I began doing research, complied my compilations, put together my recommendations and sent it out through the chop-chain by mid-April. Took me two months. It took another two months to make it through the various channels before it wound up in the front office for Round 1. Round 1 ended mid-June.

They kicked it back for a legal review.

OK. I got that. Makes perfect sense. Drop off at legal. Wait for an opinion. Nice guys. However, now it's 4 July timeframe and I don't get it back until mid-July. But I get their memo and kick it back to the front office for Round 2. Round 2 ended a couple of days later when they said we needed permission from another office.

OK. Get information from that office. Well, I don't get that until the end of August. So, I get it and send the packet back up for Round 3. In what looks like a surprise upset, we are told that all the ducks are in place and all is well. However, they get a TKO because now our packet is not formatted correctly.

That's where I am now. Trying to put everything together correctly. Just to get one person to put their initials in a block.


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