Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Heroes S3E1

Pretty good, no? I always reach the end of the show withouth realizing that it's close to the end. Good editing makes everything speed along.

I'm very happy with the plot set-up if not so happy with some of the ways they took to get there. Specifically unhappy with:

Mohinder. What the foxtrot? Take the most levelheaded guy in the show, the most compassionate, and turn him into a fool for power. We never saw any intimations of this desire in the earlier two seasons. Maybe I missed something by not watching the webisodes. I don't know. I just felt that everything he did in last night's episode was out of character.

Fast chick vs. Hiro. Um ... stop time does not equal slow down time. I could understand, MAYBE, if she was moving in slow motion, but the casual walking around and talking really bugged me. Why not have another teleporter. Just flash in and, "Yoink. Mine now."*

Again, the stories set up look like there going to be great. They just sacrificed a good bit to get there. But I'm still anxious for next week.

*A line shamelessly yoinked from The Amazing Screw-On Head which is completely awesome and if you didn't see on Sci-Fi should really rent via Netflix.

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