Thursday, September 04, 2008

Chrome surfing

Anyone else using Google Chrome? I wasn't geeking over it, but I downloaded it to try it out. Ran it around the Web a good bit yesterday and early this morning. I gotta say, the browser is fast. I had read reviews talking up its speed, but experiencing it is another thing all together. I was thinking about some sites that slow during loading and came up with two that I often hit: and IMAO. IMAO particularly gives me problems because at work I have to use Internet Explorer and it takes forever to load. Chrome zoomed through both sites.

Ironically, the pages that took me longest to load were Blogspot page (Blogspot being owned by Google).

One thing many people like, which I don't, is the removal of the file menu bar. I hate this "feature." Hate it in Office, hate it IE and hate it in Chrome. It makes it so difficult to get to the options, bookmarks and things like that. It's a minor gripe with the browser (though a much larger one with the Office suite; I got a classic menu plug in and have been fine since then) and the predictive search makes up for a lot.

Pretty good product, Google.

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