Monday, September 01, 2008

A question for the computer geeks

So, I just bought this new Lenovo (which is a steal, by the way) and I put this video card in. Except, see how that card shows two DVI and one S-Video connections? Well, the card I got doesn't have that. It has one DVI, one HDMI and one VGA. This shouldn't be that big a deal except for the fact that the VGA port on the card is too close to the retaining clip that holds the PC cards in place like most newer computers. If it was more old school and just used screws, it wouldn't be a problem.

For the monitor, this is not an issue. I just run DVI out. However, I play a lot of video on my TV from my computer and I don't have a high-def TV yet, so I can't run HDMI out, I was counting on running the S-video out. Now I have to get a VGA to S-Video adapter, but then I run into the problem of the port being too close to the clip.

So, here's the question, anyone out there know of any narrow VGA cables/adapters? I would rather not mutilate a cable or the clip on the computer.

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