Tuesday, June 27, 2006

1st caption contest results

Well, I had some pretty good entries for my first-ever caption contest. It was hard to choose between some of them, but here are my resuts:

First Place: In a stunning first move, circle took the center square in the Annual Galactic Tic Tac Toe Championship. - Rob from Crabapple Lane.

Second: The light at the end of the tunnel is sometimes just an oncoming train. - Ken at It Comes in Pints?

Third: In order to keep up with the times, Hal tries a Queer Eye makeover. White, they say, is more slimming than red. - KG from Cagey Mind.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and now I'm doing it again. Here's this week's photo:

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The orginal cutline:
Participants of the "Fussballwattmeisterschaft" (mud-soccer World Championships) fight for the ball during their match on the mudflats of the river Elbe in Brunsbuettel near Hamburg June 4, 2006. About 300 athletes take part in the so-called "Wattoluempiade" (mud olympics) competing in soccer, volleyball, a mud-bike race, nordic mud-walking and other funny events. (China Daily/Reuters)

Winners will be posted Saturday.

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