Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fire it up...

We had some friends over for dinner last night. They are moving soon and we're trying to see them as much as possible without taking time away from their moving preparations. Dinner is good because not only do we get to spend time together, but we take the burden of making a meal off of them. Good times.

Any time I get to fire up the grill is a good time. It's been a few weeks. Just haven't felt moved. Which is weird, 'cause normally I grill, on average, once a week. Maybe it's been too darn hot this summer, but I just haven't kept up with that average.

I'm not sure if I've really talked about grilling too much here. I know I've brought it up in the comment sections of other blogs. I am a grilling fanatic, normally.

I am a charcoal man. I like to build the fire against one side of my Weber and not spread it out. This gives me a hot side and a "cool" side of the grill for searing and cooking. I like to use hickory and, since I have so much in my yard, pecan woods for smoke. I used to soak the wood and sprinkle it right on the coals, but my dad bought me a cast iron smoke box that is just too cool for school.

So what're your grilling techniques?

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