Thursday, August 03, 2006

I got nothing, pt. ad infinitum

Why haven't I posted anything yet today? Because I don't have anything to say, honestly.

The kids started school yesterday -- yes, I know, early as hell -- and all is well with that. The daily grind continues.

But I gotta get something up here daily. 'Cause that's how I roll, internets. I mope about, do very little, and can roll pretty easily if you were to put me on the ground and give a good push. I do not, however, go "Ooh hoo" if you poke my belly ... yet.

In the interest of putting something interesting on here, this is one of the coolest guitars I've seen in some time. It's just like a Jackson Rhodes-style V except it has a small cutaway down near the upper frets. What a simple freaking genius idea!

Also, I have not mentioned it in a while, and you know it bears repeating: The banjo sucks. You should take today as an opportunity to visit your local banjo player/dealership with a pair of wire cutters. Please. Do everyone a favor.

UPDATE: Every pluck of a banjo string adds a second to Castro's life. Do your part!

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