Thursday, August 17, 2006

Insulting my intelligence in the name of education

Most of you know that I work for the military for a base newspaper. I know that may be hard to believe by virtue of my comments at your blogs and some of my posts here. I actually do know what I'm doing with this here writing stuff. I just don't self-edit very well on this here bloggy thingy.

Anyway, some time ago, eight years or so, I CLEP'd out of English 101 and 102. It's never been a problem. Until now.

Apparently my college doesn't like those CLEPs, so I'm having to take those English classes. And it's painful. And funny. What's funny about it is that the class is geared toward essay writing with an emphasis on passing the Regents exam -- a required test that everyone in the University System of Georgia has to pass. I've already taken and passed the test.

So, easy A, huh? Well, not necessarily. I've already effed up. You see, I've already let the cat out of the bag that I'm a journalist. So my stuff's going to get graded rather harshly, methinks.

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