Monday, August 21, 2006

Lightheaded ... in a good way

My ear is better. So I no longer have a swollen head. Well, literally anyway.

So how's everyone else doing?

School's going pretty well. I had my other two classes Thursday evenining and Friday evening/Saturday morning. They are Physical Science and History/Philosophy of Adult Edcuation. Both have fantastic instructors which will help the course content go down much easier. It's pretty weird though. I'm taking three classes through one university, but they don't run concurrently. Each class runs for three weekends with a weekend off between each class meeting. So the classes wind up running the entire semester, but each class is very compressed. Additionally, I'm taking an online English through Georgia's online core class curriculum. I am taking the Physical Science at a local college as a transient student.

The college I'm attending, that is, the one that's going to be giving me my degree is an hour down the road. We have satellite classes at yet another local university. So, when all is said and done, I'm attending three schools and having classes at a fourth. Odd, no?

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