Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sometimes it's cool...

Where you find discussions that involve your blog.

I am by no means a high traffic site. My highest weekly average was about 250 unique hits a day. Right now I'm averaging about 85-100 and that's up from an average of about 75-90 a couple of weeks ago.

That said, it's interesting sometimes to see where links to your posts wind up. Today I found that a heavy metal music message board from The Netherlands was having a discussion about wood and guitars and referenced this post of mine.

From what I can make out (thanks to Babel Fish) is they're discussing the difference between Ibanez S and RG type guitars and that spawned a discussion about how wood effects guitar sound.

Man. Guitar. The great unifier.

To my guests from The Netherlands: Dank voor langs het ophouden. (Which is "Thanks for stopping by," probably poorly translated.)

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