Monday, August 14, 2006

He'p me update

So, Friday, I was moaning like a parapalegic in an ant bed about a GI Bill problem I was having with my school. I asked for advice about how I should handle it.

After I got home Friday, I talked it over with the wife. She, like some of you, thought I should contact the VA advisor's supervisor. Well, I decided to split the difference and find out who was responsible for communicating the information to the VA. I was determined to let someone feel my pain.

But, in a fit of lucidity I seldom possess, I decided to first contact the VA office at my school to see if there was any change in the status of the problem. To my surprise, the VA advisor worked on the problem Friday and set it up for my information to be certified even though the Atlanta VA office is still working on certifying the other school.

So, kudos to my VA dude. Am I ever glad that I chilled out Friday rather than flying off the handle. Thanks for the advice from everybody.

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