Monday, March 23, 2009

Easy so depends on context

We remodeling our kitchen. It is not fun. But it hasn't been too difficult.

Painting has been a trial. J-Mom has taken the lead on getting that taken care of. Which is fine by me. I really don't like painting - though I will admit that it's amazing what a couple of coats of paint will do to a room. Our kitchen used to be a horrible, ugly puke green and is now a rather pleasant light blue.

I took the lead on getting the old floor up. There was peel-and-stick tile on top of linoleum sheeting. We rented a floor stripper and that ripped right through it. Took some learning, but once I figured it out, the old floor came up quickly. It left behind some of the paper backing from the linoleum and we had to scrape that up with some razor-blade scrapers, but it came up easily enough.

What's left is to put down our new peel-and-stick, finish painting, and put the new vanity and mirror in the bathroom (oh yeah, we're doing the downstairs bathroom too).

We have to be done before this weekend. Wish us luck.

PS I got to smash a mirror. That's stress relief.

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