Saturday, March 07, 2009

I watched the Watchmen

Fantastic movie. I hesitate calling it the "best comic book movie ever" because I'm sure some people will find problems with it, but I didn't.

There are things missing. There is a major change and the ending feels a bit more Hollywood than it appears in the graphic novel. But none of those things matter to the overall movie.

Snyder really nailed the vignettes. Now I can't wait until the 24th when the Tales of the Black Freighter comes out.

I can't believe how well the movie turned out. The use of period music really helped put you in the correct era. I was worried, after hearing the Muse song used in the previews, that modern scoring was going to make the movie feel a bit too dated. It was the only problem I had with the first Matrix movie. While the Rob Zombie tune was great in the nightclub, it was entirely in context, but then the end song after Neo talks on the phone was out of place. It dates the making of the movie. Watchmen, however, uses the period music to date the events within the movie. Nicely done.

I'm thinking I might have to go see it again.

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