Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kitchen and bathroom remodel

This here's the kitchen as we moved into it a year and a half ago. We always knew we were going to redo the kitchen. It took some time.

Here's the new version. We still need to redo the countertops and replace the oven, but it's a big improvement.

Here's a good view of the nasty old wall color:

Here's the new version:

The thing that really made us want to do the remodel was the floors. There was an old sheet linoleum down and then peel and stick on top of that. But they would just stop in places and the linoleum would be there for all to see.

New version:

Also did the adjacent bathroom -- here's the old:

Here's the new:

Could not have done this without my wife and some help from some guys from my wife's church.

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