Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween through the weekend

Here's something to ponder while you work through your sugar-induced diabetic comas this weekend:

What is the best Halloween/Horror lyric? I don't want an entire song, a line, a stanza at most, is all.

I ask because it's a personal tradition of mine to jam out to the Misfits all day on Halloween, but, man, while they sound cool, some of their songs have some pretty stupid lyrics. My personal favorite Misfits song (well, second favorite) is Horror Hotel. But the lyrics:

Check into horror hotel
This place is creepy and it's somber too
And a little Vampira wrapped on my neck, said
Say something, say something
You wanna start something with me

Leave a little something to be desired. So, I wonder, which lyrics read best out of context of their music? Go ahead and post yours. I'll post mine on Monday.

UPDATE: OK, so it's still a Misfits lyric, but I've always found this line appropriately creepy: Your future is in an oblong box, yeah, from Die, Die, My Darling.

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