Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Random snapshot updates

> It's been storming here at Casa del Cullen. (Yes, The Cullen, there may be other Cullens out there who are just another Cullen, but I am The Cullen, as in the genuine article. Not really.) I like that, but I slept through most of it.

> My back is doing much better. It's pretty much just sore now unless I walk a lot or try bending over and picking things up. Yesterday we went to WalMart and that was just a little much. The doc put me on Percocet and Valium for pain and I'm at the point where I'm only using them about twice a day (waking up and going to bed). I should be able to downgrade to much lower pain med in the next day or two.

> I'm reading a book called Statistics For People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics for a test tonight that I'm not sure what is covered or how it's going to be delivered or how long we'll have to do it. Fun, huh?

> Pain meds help produce some of the coolest dreams.

> I should have blogged this a long time ago, but: Daughter Number 1 had her first swim meet last Saturday (28 Sept). This is only her first year in swim and even though she's 9, they have her swimming in the 7&8-year-old group because of her inexperience. She didn't win anything, but she gave it her all and it was awesome to see how much effort she put out. J-Mom and I were so very pleased. DN1 is not the most naturally athletic person and in the past -- in soccer -- her teammates would yell and get mad and belittle her. I wasn't fond of that. We talked her into swim to get away from that and it's been great. She never finishes first -- almost always last -- but she really enjoys it and that means so much.

> Gotta go study.

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