Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quick Monday-night TV recap 10/20 edition

Still enjoying the heck out of this show. Even more so this season. However, Nicole Ritchie being a bad ass is beyond suspension of disbelief folks. Just not cool. There was a moment, during an interrogation sequence where Adam Baldwin (who, by the way, is the voice of Superman is most modern Superman animation) shows the interrogatee a scar and attributes it to “Mad Dog” Chuck. A very funny moment in an increasingly good show.

Gotta tell you, last week left me cold. Even though I knew that Hiro’s stabbing of Ando was a trick, it still just didn’t play right. And, of course, they opened the show by showing how Hiro pulled off the trick. Still … it just doesn’t quite resonate. However, I was quite fond of how well they took care of Adam Monroe by showing just how much of a badass Poppa Pitrelli is. So, Peter’s powerless. You know that’s not going to last. Either Sylar’s going to fix him or he’ll get himself some superhero juice. This one’s clunking, guys. Hope it finds its pace.

My Own Worst Enemy
I wasn’t going to watch this show, but because Sheila’s cousin Mike is one of the main characters, I gave it a chance. The first episode was enjoyable, but in the second one I find myself asking all kinds of questions that the story has presented to me – not in a good way. I mean, why the hell did they have to create the second personality in the first place. It just doesn’t make any sense. At all. And, even if they did have a plausible explanation for that, there is no way in hell they’d keep Christian Slater’s character alive once his programming started to fail. No way. So, this is one that’s unfortunately coming off the DVR, I think. I might give it one more episode because I really do enjoy watching Mike O’Malley as a bad ass – it is the best thing about the show – but everything else is hard to deal with.

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