Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Slash Room

Not a horror movie. Not some place from some overdramatic new article. Not a place where butchers do their butchery. No, we have a slash room of an entirely different connotation.

So named by my girls, the place where my kids have their homeschooling also serves as our children’s library. It also serves as our guest room. It also serves as our girl’s toy room. It’s the school-slash-library-slash-guest-slash-toy-slash-extra TV room. So you see, it makes sense. I thought it was pretty clever of them, actually.

Honestly, I never thought too much of the space because I knew it was going to be used for the kids. But since buying a new computer and moving our old one there, having the solitude is kind of nice. It’s great for J-Mom and the kids to have everything right there and I’ve been doing my night classes in there as well.

So, I won’t be dragging the machete, katana or chainsaw to the room. But I’ll probably visit Slash Dot.

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