Saturday, October 04, 2008

So give me sanctuary from the law and I'll be all right

Anyone else catch Sci Fi's new show Sanctuary last night? I was pretty impressed with the show. It seems to be a very blatant take off of BBC's Torchwood only good.

In another Doctor Who-esque move, the main character Amanda Tapping as Dr. Helen Magnus, is sporting brunette locks giving her somewhat of a Sarah Jane look. It's quite a departure from her blond do from Stargate and her character's quite different as well. I like her on this show a good bit better. I always felt her to be somewhat out of place on Stargate and here she seems in her element.

As for the show, it mixes liberal amounts of X-Files, Doctor Who, Torchwood and good ole nouveau American Sci Fi angst to make the show click.

In addition to Tapping, there's her daughter, Ashley Magnus plays the heavy who fights first, and Dr. Will Zimmerman who seems to have almost a psychic link.

I look forward to ep 2.

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