Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pictures that make me happy 5/5/2006 edition

Both of these shots were taken in 2006 during our trip to Disney World while we were waiting in line for the "It's a Small World" ride (AVOID-AVOID-AVOID! my lord you can only hear that song so many times before you start going loopy).

Here's a 10-month-old Bo-bo with J-mom.

Here's Daugher Number 2 with DN1 right behind her.

So, I've been using Windows Vista now for a bit and I gotta tell you, I like it. I was worried, but I do. And one of my absolute favorite features is the slideshow gadget. I have it set to go through all of our old photos and it's cool to see what pops up from time to time, like the shots above.

Course, running 4 gigs of RAM may make a difference in your Vista experience, but dudes, RAM is CHEAP now.

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