Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And the grand gardening experiment begins

Last night we broke ground on what we hope will be the first section of a decent fruit and vegetable garden. The wife and kids have been planning this for some time. They have already planted several different things in small flats and they have grown enough to be transfered to the ground.

So, last night we went to Lowes to get some dirt and some other gardening stuff. We were going to set off the garden with 4x4 posts, but wound up getting some concrete blocks that we set on their sides which allows us to have an elevated garden.

It's a meager 3'x8', but digging up all that grass last night wasn't the most fun I've had. It went by pretty quickly with my love and I working on it though.

Now, hopefully everything will continue to grow.

PS: On poison ivy, I have not chopped or pulled any yet. I decided to try and spray it all down with weed killer first. I had some Ortho weed & grass killer that has worked pretty well, but I didn't have enough for all the poison ivy growing in my yard. I was going to buy some Roundup, but a family friend who has a forestry degree and works in environmental remediation said that a vinegar, dishsoap and water mixture works just as well. I mixed some up and lo and behold, it sure is working pretty well. If you have a sprayer, you might want to save some money and try this for yourself. For a quart, mix 1 cup vinegar 1/2 cup dishsoap and the rest water.

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