Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gas prices, "No quick fix?"

The Pres addressed gas prices yesterday and said:

"It's been a while in the making and it's going to be a while that we solve the problem," Bush said in an interview on ABC's "Good Morning America." "We're too dependent on foreign oil and we need to be exploring more at home."

Really? I mean, define quick. How long does it take to build new refineries? How long does it take to set up drilling platforms? He does address some key elements, like building new refineries, but diversifying away from oil is not currently in our best interests.

"We'll analyze some of these suggestions, but the key is that we think long-term for America, that we diversify away from oil and we're wise and build new refineries and increase supply for the American consumers," Bush said in the interview on the White House grounds with his wife, Laura.

So, I'm willing to wait the five-to-ten years it would take to build these factories and tap into unused/under-used resources. Brazil just discovered oil fields ... we better have some folks from the state department down there performing acts of oral gratification or something. Look: Build more refineries; drill in ANWR; use our newer drilling technologies to drill in shale; build more nuclear plants; move all those government subsidies away from ethonol and into these projects.

Heck, we could even do a "new deal" kind of a thing and put people to work building all these new projects. I bet in five years we could reduce gas prices (against inflation), 10 years would reduce our dependence on foreign oil and in 20 we'd be back to the 80s.

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