Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blast from the past Tuesday

My 'rock and roll' emotion faceFive years ago I was in my last band. Last because it's the last one I was in; I didn't proclaim that I'd never be in another band or anything like that. I just haven't had the time or anything for a number of years.

All of us in the band were active-duty Army. We practiced at an old, empty office building on the installation. The building was being used as storage by the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation folks (the guys who run all the clubs, restaurants, golf courses, etc.). They were using the building to store excess band equipment. We, and another band, used both the space and the equipment.

I have been in several bands, but we probably had more fun in this one than any other I'd been in. A couple of the musicians weren't very good and we didn't really gel together. But we wrote a couple of songs and just had fun getting out of the house doing something we all enjoy.

These photos are from our one and only show, which we performed sometime in April or May 2002. We played three songs before the opening of a youth softball tournament. How hardcore is that? Take what you can get I guess. One of the songs we sang was a the Scooby Doo theme song. It was a hit.

If you click on the photo on the right, behind me, next to the bass player, you'll see a little guy playing guitar. That was the bass player's son. He wasn't plugged in or anything, he was just up there jamming away with us on his dad's old Kramer.

Funny thing is, as much fun as I had with all of this, I can't remember what we named our band.

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