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Idol threat 2/27

Well, Blogger doesn’t like me right now. So, I’ll just take notes and post ‘em later.

I’m not sure how much I’m going to write; I got to eat. My Tuesday night class met again tonight for the first time in two weeks, playing more in to my ROWR BUSY attitude from earlier today.

So, they’re dedicating their songs to their inspiration. Sorry inspiration, looks like you’re going to get what you deserve.

Phil Stacey – I’m not missing you at all, huh? Not too shabby, but not too great either. I agree with Simon here. It’s a good karaoke version of the song. But I further agree that he’s not going anywhere. Well, at least judging him as the first up. Things may change.

Jared Cotter – He’s obviously popular, but I just don’t hear anything special there. I mean, I can’t hear this voice as a radio voice. He sounds like the kind of good singer you meet in your life, the kind you want in your church choir, but not the kind you want to front your band.

A.J. Tabaldo – I really don’t like this guy. He whines, he whimpers and he swallows the end of his words. And he’s doing a song that’s WAAAAY too big for him. His tone isn’t good. He just doesn’t have any power in his voice and cannot convince me that he’s worth me giving him any attention. Randy – says it’s so much better than last week (it isn’t). Paula – have a really good voice (no he doesn’t). Simon – I have to say that was really good (did I mention I’m smoking crack?).

He sucked people! What are the judges on this week?

Sanjaya Malakar – Jeez, they’re showing kid photos – he looks just like his sister in these photos. He’s stepping out with his baby. Kid, it’s not that you don’t have the tone, you do, but this song requires a smoky, mature voice, and that you don’t have. That said, you’re not going anywhere because women around the globe and the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes are all going to voting for you.

Randy – It was weird for me – like a weird high school talent show. Paula – you sang on pitch, you have an old soul. I find it odd that you sang that. Simon – I agree with Randy, it was like a lunch where the parents invite the kids to dress up and sing.

Well, I didn’t think it was quite that extreme. But the song was really outside his comfort realm, and that’s what I think they were getting at there. But, again, he ain’t going anywhere.

Chris Sligh – I just dig this dude. He’s dedicating his song to his hot wife, and he just earned more cool points for that (oh, and for singing the song to her, too). He’s singing “Trouble.” And it’s going with his voice pretty well. It’s a bit nasal, but it fits the song. He’s not being too adventurous and staying well in his comfort zone. Oh, he ends the song with some smoky soul and works it well.

Randy – Good to see you return – you were even better this week. Rely on your skills. Paula – I like you too. Watch your pitch – watch getting ahead of the music. Simon – the reason we put your through is that we thought you were a good singer and tonight you were a very good singer.

Sounds good to me.

Nick Pedro - Now Nick can sing. He’s singing “Fever.” He’s got a very nice tone and a little vibrato nuance -- which is nice in its subtlety. He goes off pitch a bit toward the end, but pulls it back in nicely.

Randy – Now what’s cool, everyone has come back and done so much better this week. You have returned to your thing. That’s the Nick that we love. Paula – you know I love the tone of your voice. Simon – thought it was good, but that you lacked charisma. You have a good voice, now we’ve got a charisma issue.

Blake Lewis - My favorite last week. Is this a Jamiroquai (sp?) song? I don’t know, it’s a decent song as I recall, but it’s not American Idol good. I really like this dude, but this was not a good song choice. A little beet box and it works in the context of the song; I’m glad he kept it short.

He's got great tone. Best tone, in my opinion, out of all of the guys.

Randy - Yo' that's what I'm talking about! I like you man! Paula - You were smart with this, smart choice. Way to go. Simon - I'm going to disagree with these two -- I'll tell you why - I like you ... this week, thought it was a bit copycat, the second part was great, the third part your pitch was gone. I was very disappointed.

I'm kind of with Simon on this, but not that extreme. I wish he'd chosen something a bit more mainstream. I just didn't think that it was as good as he could be.

Brandon Rogers - He's singing "True Colors." How cool. For a guy who's a powerhouse vocalist, this is a great way to show your versatility. Is there any doubt that this guy's a pro? The slow parts are a bit extreme on the vibrato, but overall very good.

Randy - Good sentiment, but I don't think it did enough for you vocally. You always gotta show what you got. Paula - Disagree with Randy; I felt your heart (answering an interjection by Brian). Simon - It's a singing competition ... you have got to come out here when you're as good as you are and make a "wow" impact.

Simon is right, of course, but I really did appreciate the sentiment. It was a very good version of the song and this guy's truly great.

*An aside, I'm avoiding talking too much about the snark going on among the judges and contestants, but I must say there has been some good stuff happening in that regard. Simon likes puppies. Who knew?

Chris Richardson - Said he's singing "Geek in the Pink." I do not know this song, so it's hard to judge, so let's just say that they guy has a good voice. He rocks the groove well. That said, he looks kind of funny -- his facial expressions and the way he moves on stage that is.

Randy - Chris is in it to win it tonight. I think that was hotter than the original. Paula - Does your grandmother know what that song means? (Neither do I, please someone enlighten me ... or, perhaps, not.) Simon - For me, best tonight by a mile.

Sundance Head - Singing "Mustang Sally" (How funny is that Shannon?) Well, we're seeing some of the old Sundance. He's singing well, but my problem here is that he's not all that good to begin with. He's a decent rock and roll singer, would be great in the bar circuit, but I just don't think he's got the versatility for this contest.

Randy - Wow, wow, wow. Welcome back, Sundance. You dropped the bomb on us tonight. That was hot. Paula - You gotta bring it like that every week. You're awesome. Best vocal we've ever heard from you. Simon - glad that we've got the Sundance back we love -- let's not get too carried away. That was a lot better, but there's still room for improvement.

So ... this week's a bit tougher to judge the bottom rungs. Vocally A.J. Tabaldo is the loseriest loser this week. I would put Jared down there too. I think Phil Stacey might be going home, and, lastly, I think, vocally now, Sanjaya put in an uninspired performance. You never know who's going to vote for whom, but regardless of how bad some folks sang, they're not in any danger right away. Sundance is like that. Based on his Dial Idol ratings from last week, this guy looks untouchable. Guess we'll just see. My end vote is that A.J and Phil are going home.


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Dudes ... I don't know if Vote for the Worst crew has a bigger coalition this year or some of these organized militias before they appeared live, but Sundance and Sanjaya are topping Dial Idol's prediction list. Chris Richardson, Nick Pedro, and Brandon Rogers bottom out this list meaning two of them are probably going home. Given the accuracy of their predictions last week, there's no reason to doubt that this is true. So, once again, Idol is less about the singing and more of a popularity contest.

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