Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Idol threat 2/28

Too many things going on tonight to take notes while the episode was ongoing. I say this: Melinda Doolittle is the freaking best singer I have heard in ages. It is a joy to listen to her. My God, she is wonderful.

Going home: Based on vocal performance, Antonella and Alaina should be going home. But, based on America's stupidity, Leslie and Gina are probably going home. Though, based on their performance this week, they kind of deserve it, too.

Even with the weak performances, the girls still handily outperformed the guys. Again, I say, this year the contest is the girl's contest to lose.


Dean also didn't post a synopsis, but still recognizes the women's goodness.

Sarahk thoroughly dissects the evening's goings on.

American Midol has stuff from Tuesday night, but will have updates later in the day, I'm sure.

Dial Idol has Melinda as their favorite (all is right with the world there) and their bottom three are Leslie, Stephanie and Gina. Looks like I might be dead on with the girls, but I'll at least be 50/50.

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