Friday, February 02, 2007

The Weight Wait week 1

Pardon me for this, but if I post my weight loss results here I feel as though I am creating some kind of accountability for myself.

So, week one. First of all, my scale was messed up during some previous weigh ins. Apparently a corner of the scale was on a floor mat which caused to scale to show more weight loss than I had really registered. So, no 15 pound loss in a week. Which kind of sucks.

BUT, I have lost 7.7 pounds since last week. That's still quite significant. Especially considering that I'm trying to do this the "right" way as opposed to adopting some fad which gives you high weight loss in the beginning.

The most difficult aspect of week one? Working exercise into my day. The way my school schedule works, it's very difficult for me to get exercise into my afternoons. So, I'm trying to do it in the mornings. Waking up early enough to do it has been very difficult. It's something I'm going to have to just start doing. Once it becomes part of my routine, it will become easier.

The easiest part of week one? Surprisingly, the eating. I haven't felt underfed. I haven't had any horrible cravings, and I've cut waaaaay back on both the amount of food I'm eating in a meal and the amount of calories I'm eating in a day. By waaaaay, I mean I've reduced my portion size and calories by more than half, so I've been kind of shocked that I haven't had bad cravings.

That's week one. I'll let you know about week two next Friday.

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