Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Idol threat 2/13: Welcome to Hollywood

Twice as many girls ... wonder what that says about the caliber of the male talent this year.

Jory: Not very inspired. Nothing I haven't heard a lot of teenage girls sing.
Geri, Kelly, Lisa: Not memorable
Christen: Horrible
Jeromishia: Not bad

And every one of 'em sent home. I agree with Simon, no originality.

So, Shakinda is going up next. Perla, singing that hips don't lie song, and doing a really bad job of it. She's going home.

Rachel: Decent, I hope she makes it through, but that was pretty nasal.

Awww. Rachel's going home but they kept Perla. I can't believe that. She really didn't deserve.

Wonder if we're going to keep Montage Girl? Of course we are. She's amazing. Baylie makes it with some other folks we don't see. I really think we could see Baylie in the end.

And now we find out that Sarah "I lied to my dad" Chick made her parents proud even though she gets sent home.

Lots of girls getting sent home. I'm kind of thinking this is indicative of the talent we've seen so far this year. Kind of lackluster except for the few standouts.

Nicole gets sent home. Maybe because she sang the wrong song. Who knows. But she's now set herself up to blame her mom for the rest of her life. Oh, hang on, mom's coming out to plea for her daughter. And now the show degenerates again. But she still ain't getting on the stage.

56 sent home. Wow. That's a deep cut.

And now let's see what's up with the guys.

I'm hoping that Sundance sticks around, but who knows. I'll reserve judgment until I see more.

Brian - born by the river? I just don't know if this dude's memorable. Decent enough, clean cut, just kind of, blah.

Navy dude, Jarrod ... I really liked him before. I'm not sure how that went over this time.

Matt - I'm not very impressed with this. Probably going home. Ew, dropped a note or two there.

Wow, Jarrod got sent home. Too bad. Curly hair guy made it through, even though we didn't get to see him. And Matt made it through. I'm surprised by that. I don't think Matt should have made it through.

34 guys made it through. Hey, Fidel made it through, awesome.

Group night

I love this portion of the show. Really separates those who really want it and can do it from those who don't quite have it.

And we start with 92. Heh, don't we lose, like, 60 of them after this? Awesome.

The geeks can't fill in somewhere. Poor Matt.

The cowboy harmony scene was hilarious. As curly hair dude and beatbox boy's choreography is equally funny.

Missing harmonies, dropping lyrics. Heh. Lyrics aren't important. They're just lyrics.

And the first day Simon says, "Don't forget the words." And so many people do. And they shouldn't have kept Matt because, wow, he was very bad.

Man, Gina is very good. This group ain't too bad, but the Shikinda girl shows how bad she is. And Perla's sent home. I mean, that was just inevitable.

Chris, Rudy, Thomas, Blake were fantastic. They came together rather quickly. I look forward to seeing more from them. All through. Good.

L'Paige is really bad, Robyn isn't much better, and Sundance doesn't stand out too much, but he's much better than the girls. He makes it, but just barely. Simon says she was generous with him, and I must agree.

Bailey and crew get up to sing, not a bad start, but Bailey drops her words. As does the next girl. Bailey gets sent home, I mean, because of the words, she deserved it. But one of the best singers of the show (that we've seen so far) just got cut.

Looks like we lost Fidel, too. Darn it.

I love the photo debate thing. They do it right on this show.

Room 1 Chris is there, cowboy is there, Gina is there ... and it's a yes room. As I thought it would be.

Room 2 Senjai (sp?) is there, Sundance is there ... and they're a go.

Room 3 And they know that they're all going home because they heard the first two celebrate. Bad way to go.

The Indian brother Senjai (who made it) rushes downstairs to console his sister who didn't make it.

We get our final 24 tomorrow. Nice.

Editor's note: This is really hard to do when your kids are running around you at the same time. They're going to be tomorrow night before hand.

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