Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Idol threats 2/20

So, the boys failed to impress, eh? I thought that, overall, that was a bunch of pitchy crud. There were some who shined, some who were abysmal, but most were just, as Simon used to be fond of saying, "bad karaoke."

My favorite so far is Blake Lewis, the beat box boy. Man, who knew he could sing like that, too? I literally sat up in my chair to pay closer attention to his performance. I hesitate to make the comparison, but I really thought the kid's voice was slightly reminiscent of early Smiths stuff.

Although not my favorite, the guy who really owned the stage last night was Brandon Rogers. His voice is stellar and he has great stage presence.

Last in my top 3 is Chris Sligh. His energy and presence out there was palpable. The judges can say what they want, but the crowd gave him more of a pop than any other singer of the night and America is going to love him. We will put singers through on the basis of their charisma.

Worst performance of the evening? Sundance Head. Just bad, and not even in a "bad karaoke" way -- just b-a-d.

My bottom three: Sundance Head, Jared Cotter, and Rudy Cardenas.

Well, we've long known that this show is part popularity contest, and the Dial Idol predictions bear that out. I knew that Sanjaya would be popular, but he didn't give a top three performance, and I've already said all I want to say about Sundance. Guess we'll just wait and see what happens.

More Idolers:
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And how can I forget the irascible wit of curly mcdimple at American Midol? Again, I'm not in complete agreement, but do yourself a favor and read her humorous take on last night's affair.

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