Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Idol threat 2/6

First live blog of the season for me! Nice to have my wireless up and running finally.

San Antonio - last audition stop. Hopefully we'll see some better contestants this time around.

Why does Simon wear glasses larger than his head? Do the larger glasses offset the size of the hangover?

Camo pants guy is scaring me from the get go here. Ah, Brian, please let your voice meet up with some of your hype. Well ... guess not. At least he can yell. Rebel even.

Jeebus, how did that guy win a mock Idol contest?

We gots us a wedding singer, hopefully she hasn't been listening to a lot of Cure lately. What's up with the pants suit? Haley ... I'm kind of impressed. Kind of shouty in places, but I really like the timbre of her voice. And, considering that Randy and Simon will vote with their tripod, she'll be in ... and they're letting her go. Second chance ... they must not want her to have a swelled head or something.

>>>> Sorry missed some stuff dealing with family issues.

Blonde railroad chicky is singing quite well. She has the potential to be a much better Pickler, perhaps. Bailey ... Simon calls her commercial, a label makers dream. Paula is stuck on cows. I didn't catch if she had a sob story or not. Guess we'll find out.

-- Heh, the "talking trash for the camera" guy was hilarious. Too damn funny. Heck his cousin is pretty good. He is not connecting with his music very well, but he does have a good voice. Glad he's moving on to Hollywood.

Well, I'm getting kicked off here for some other stuff. Might add some more thoughts later.

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