Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Best Metal Song Ever VOTE!

The nominations are in. Let the voting begin! Voting will run until about 6:30 a.m. EST tomorrow.

There are 128 nominations to choose from! Thanks everyone for your submissions.

ADMIN NOTE: You only get one vote per user (sorry, stupid Sparklit not giving that crap for free). Vote wisely.

UPDATE: I changed the security on the poll. Technically, you're still only supposed to be able to vote once, but if you clear your cache and cookies, you should be able to submit another vote. Sorry for the hassle.

UPDATE MkII, New and improved, seriously: Thanks to Michelle, I've the multiple vote thing licked. You'll have to input a code every time you vote, just like at FTTW, but you can now vote 'til your heart's content.

The Best Metal Song Ever!

Choose wisely

Later today nominations will open up for the Best Heavy Metal Album Ever!

Poll ... Pot. Poll ... Pot. (sorry, couldn't help myself).

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