Monday, June 30, 2008

Spectrum: Wall-E edition

A couple of days ago, I came up with an idea about actor opposites. This is a continuation on that meme in honor of Wall-E.

The film is animated, of course, but there are some live actors. During the movie there are "holographic" sequences and the actors in those scenes are real. Kind of a play on the animated videos within an animated world, I guess. Some people didn't get it. I thought it was kind of neat. The main actor used in the live sequences was Fred Willard. So today's featured Spectrum actor is Fred Willard.

Fred Willard (clip from A Mighty Wind)

Fred Willard ... I mean, what can you say about the guy? You know, he's just this guy you like. His characters are always kind of disconnected, like a used car salesman trying to be hip, or the "cool dad" who lets you drink beer at his house but insists on hanging out and telling you stories about when he was a kid. Willard can't carry a movie on his own, but is wonderful in an ensemble cast (see every Christopher Guest movie). It takes a lot of comedic ability to come off as a guy who's trying to hard to be funny and yet still be funny. There are other folks who pull it off, but they tend to be from the same pool of actors from which Willard comes: Eugene Levy and Michael McKean are a couple. So, Willard's not unique, but he's memorable and always brings his considerable talent and likability to any project.

Is opposite to:

Keanu Reeves (clip from the funniest thing I could find him in on YouTube):

Keanu Reeves is not funny. I mean, not when he's trying to be anyway. I can think of few actors less capable of being funny when they want to be. I mean, they guy does what he does in movies OK enough, I guess. But even when he's in a humorous movie, funny things happen in spite of him rather than because of him. That said, Dogstar was a joke, right?

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