Thursday, April 16, 2009

Holy crap, an article that reported

There has been a lot of nuanced reporting yesterday and today about the tea parties across the nation. Well, Memphis' Commercial Appeal did a great job in covering the event:

The Memphis Tea Party, which actually included free sweet tea as well as speeches from local pundits, was one of more than 750 similar events that took place across the country.

The events, part of a grass-roots movement, were intended to protest the direction some feel the country is heading.

I am pleased with my local paper. The lack of editorializing is refreshing given what I've seen across the Web and on TV. There are a couple of holes in the story (how many people attended, how long did the event last?) but it was far more balanced than I expected.

The comments, however, are telling. It's obvious that no liberal understands what these protests were about. They seem to believe that it was all about individuals upset about having to pay taxes. None seem to understand that our problem is with how our public funds are being spent. I'm not sure that an intelligent conversation could be had in such a forum as a comment section to a news story; it certainly isn't happening on the CA Web site.

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