Monday, April 20, 2009

My heart's not in it

I'm reduced to posting You Tube clips because I have so little else to talk about. I actually have a plan to start generating some more fresh content, but I have little time right now and I'm spending more time at other people's blogs than my own. Which isn't really that bad a thing, but it'd be nice to have some conversations here in my own little neck of the innerwebs.

Anyway, I want to start one of my initiatives: Favorite Songs. Favorite bands can be restrictive or too general. There are bands where I like everything they do and there are bands where I only like a song or two, so I'm going to talk songs (and the bands that make them, too).

My pick for today is Bad Religion's Drunk Sincerity:

I don't understand the hate for Bad Religion. You seem to lose some punk cred if you admit to liking this band, and, I'll admit, they do go over the top quite often. Vocalist Greg Gaffin often tries too hard to show how smart he is and perhaps they're responsible for a lot of the trendy punk of the past few years, but there's some damn good music here. Drunk Sincerity in particular is a great example of Bad Religion at their best. I dig the 50s-style chord progressions and the harmonies. The live version posted here is more raw and in some ways preferable to the studio version.

Plus, the lyrics:
with steam, heat, and rhythm in the back seat of the car
and adolescent perspective projecting life's forecast to the stars
you heard love from the lips and you were rapt by the hips
and the promise was eternal but you couldn't see that far

At the very least it can leave you thinking.

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