Thursday, January 17, 2008

Class two, thoughts too

Last night was class #2. I'm only taking two classes this semester to see how well I can manage the load with my regular life, such that it is.

Night #1 was communication theories and last night was media law. I gotta tell you, last night's class was the better one for me because of the subject. Also, the instructor lectured less and involved us more, which always helps. I've always wanted to have a better understanding of media law though, so I'm finding the topic fascinating right now. Ask me again when I'm into my research paper.

One of the things I've realized that I need is one of those headsets with the built-in microphone. I've been using headphones with a separate mic, but that just isn't working out well. The other thing I've come to expect are technical difficulties. My wireless crapped out in the middle of a pretty neat topic. No rhyme or reason for it. My laptop just decided it didn't want to find my router any longer. A couple of minutes later and all was well, though.

Should be an interesting semester.

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