Tuesday, January 08, 2008


My best Christmas present? I got a copy of “World War Z” by Max Brooks. For those who don’t know, this is a sequel to his satirical survival guide send-up: “The Zombie Survival Guide.”

This book takes place an indeterminate amount of time after a zombie apocalypse. It is an “oral history” of the zombie war. A member of the UN travels the world interviewing different people about their experiences during the war.

Zombie fan or not, this is an engrossing piece of fiction. By telling his story through the eyes of survivors and putting it in the interview format, Brooks sidesteps the suspension of disbelief issue with fiction storytelling. We become enthralled with each character’s take on the collective woe. The apocalypse takes a back seat to the character drama.

There are some slow parts. Some characters don’t come across quite as well as others and there are tedious bits throughout, but overall, it’s a very good book.

Kudos to Brooks and I look forward to the upcoming movie.

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