Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First class thoughts

The program I am enrolled in is entirely online. Most of the enrollees are out-of-state. In fact, in my class, I think I'm the online Memphis-ite. During my bachelor's program, I took several online classes, but none were quite like this one.

My prior classes were all text-based with the instructor posting lessons in text, requiring certain assignments be posted by certain times/days and usually requiring some kind of class participation via a comment system -- much like what you see on active blogs. But this class used a chat room with audio. The instructor lectured while students posted comments in text, or could "raise their hand" to comment via audio as well. It was a bit more ... manic, I guess, than what I'm used to.

I do, however, like the fact that our assignments are laid out and that classes are just classes. This particular instructor hates tests so we're writing two research papers for class, which is my kind of thing.

Class 2 tonight. Thoughts part 2 tomorrow.

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