Thursday, January 03, 2008

Probably not a year wiser

We're on vacation, folks. We've been on vacation since Dec. 28. Traveled south from the home of rock and roll to North Lowsy-ana. Spent a couple of days there with my parents and headed down to Biloxi to spend a couple of days with my wife's dad.

Been a decent trip. Normally, we wind up spending way too much money and have a lot of regret. This time, not so much. Went to one of my old music-store stomping grounds today and found it very hard not to spend any money (lots of guitars 50% off). But, I made it. Barely.

And, today, I hit 34. Happy birthday to me. I hope 2008 is more stable and more fun than 2007; my kids sure plan to help with the latter.

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