Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Idol thoughts 1/15

Yeah, I watched the show. My class let out early and I was able to catch some of it. I missed the first 45 minutes or so; I don't have DVR any longer (Yet! Dish is being hooked up Thursday).

What I did see was scary, cringe-inducing, good and bad. Which is what the show is supposed to be.

I got to see the stalker guy. While creepy, I loved the "Peterfalkher" line. I'm a sucker for bad humor.

I felt really bad for Princess Leia girl. At first. When she first came out, actually, when they first told her no, I felt bad. I mean, she's obviously not at an Idol level, but she didn't sing terribly. Easily better than 60 percent of the auditions we get to see on the show. But she quickly degenerated into the average contestant's response of "Bleep this" and "Bleep that" and "Bleep you, Simon." All my sympathy for her went right back into the dictionary.

The last girl of the show was all right. By her demeanor (and the fact she was from near-Phoenix, AZ) I bet she's a Mormon. That whole no-rated-R-movie-thing is pretty common. My wife doesn't watch 'em. Anyway, it'll come out if she makes it. It won't if she don't.

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