Sunday, January 06, 2008

Geetree update

So, in an earlier post I talked about the purchase of a cheap guitar and my wondering if it's going to remain an instrument or become art. I believe I have my answer without doing any work on it.

I did some Googling about fixing neck angles and with a bolt-on neck, it's just a shim. But I found a wealth of info about guys who've standard, glue in/on necks on acoustics and archtops. One of the common things they found on older instruments was that the bracing inside the body had warped or broken.

Looking here, you can see the guitar body warping back, right at the neck joint. I believe this is causing the majority of the neck angle problems. It also means that repairing it is out of the question. If this were an old Gibson or Gretsch, I'd have no problem whatsoever getting the repair done. Heck, it'd be criminal not to. But it'd cost three or four times as much to get it repaired than what I paid for it.

So begins my collection of guitar wall art.

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