Monday, November 07, 2005

Actor fatigue

I kind of chilled out some this weekend on the blog. I didn't have much of anything to see and I wanted the guitar post to have the spotlight. I was reading through some of my regular stops this morning and saw this post at Sheila's regarding The Weather Man.

I have very mixed emotions about the movie. On the one hand, it looks good and I'm pretty good at seeing through the advertising hype that Sheila describes in her post. And because of what she says, I'm positive this one's gonna be a must rent. However, I'm also experiencing some fatigue on Nicolas Cage. I have always liked him, but there's just been too much of him lately. Well, maybe not immediately lately, but in the past few years. Maybe it's like an allergy and my Cage immune system is wearing down. He's grating on my nerves lately.

There are other, I'm sure. I bet Brad Pitt is going to be on that list soon, as will Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Garner (and that one's painful), and others.

What I'm kind of curious about though, it at what point actor fatigue sets in? Does it have something to do with how much they're in the media, or how much we find out about their personal lives? Does the magic go away because we begin to find out too much about them as a person? I'm not sure.

I love watching all the behind the scenes on DVDs. I love makings of. To me, it doesn't diminish the magic of the movies. I have a pretty healthy suspension of disbelief. However, something about an actor being in my living room through their films, the news, the various entertainment programs ad naseam ... it begins to wear on you.

Why Nic Cage? I'm not sure exactly. But it's happened.

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