Monday, November 28, 2005

I have a pet

So, I'm typing here not more than 15 minutes ago -- tyyping a response to WunderKraut, in fact -- when I hear an odd noise. A sound not unlike the noise your monitor makes when you turn it on, a slight rustling noise. I'm thinking, "Oh crap. Here goes my monitor."

A couple of more minutes of typing and out of the corner of my eye, I think I see something dart by my keyboard. I back my chair away slowly and get down to look under my monitor. Low and behold, there's a cute little mouse underneath the warm monitor, with the ravages of Halloween candy strewn about.

Next to my desk, on a supply table, we had a small candy bin with leftover Halloween candy it in. Well, young mouse purloined several pieces and decided that underneath my monitor was a great spot to eat them.

Image hosted by

Here you can see his leavings. Although I have nothing personal against Mortimer, I had to clean up the mess and call the base exterminator. We'll see tomorrow which is smarter, mouse or trap.

Oh, to add more humor to this, the damn mouse was under my monitor for quite some time as I sat here and typed -- after I discovered it. It didn't run away until I took the picture and the flash fired.

UPDATE: The A/O has been cleaned and a trap is now back behind my monitor. Mortimer has made a couple of more appearances -- poking his head out and dashing across my desk to find his stash gone. I'm sure it was heartbreaking for the little guy.

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