Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOST: The final season: The second to last one

Am I the only one enjoying this season of LOST? Talking to my wife, looking 'round the nets, It sure seems that way.

There are SPOILERS below this in case you haven't seen the ep yet.


Was there ever any doubt that Jack was going to be the man? Any?

I'm left wondering two things. One, is Jack really going to be the man or is he gonna get wasted and Sawyer will step up and be all emo protector, and two, which reality is going to wind up on top when the two reconcile?

I am really looking foward to the finale on Sunday. Gonna miss the show when it's gone, but I am happy they decided to put a cap on the storyline.

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Crotalus said...

Dude, just cause I spoofed it in my blog doesn't mean I don't like it. This season has overall been much better than the previous, for me anyway. There have been a few episodes that seemed to meander or stall the plot, but I still have a lot invested in this show and want to see it all end well. I think that's really what most fans are hoping for, a satisfying end.