Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Getting good advice ...

So, guess what? I'm going to ask for more.

A coworker is moving to Japan. She's reducing her household goods and has a Sony bigscreen TV she's willing to sell me for $550. It's a 60" model. It's a couple of years old. It's an CRT RPTV, hence the price. It's been very well taken care of.

I'm trying to decide: 1.) Is this a good price? I've looked on E-bay and such and it seems to be. Anyone out there an A/V geek? I used to be but I haven't had my head in the mags in a long time and just don't know. 2.) I have a year-old son who probably won't be able to keep his hands off the screen. How bad is this going to be? How well can I clean the screen without worry?

Interweb Powers Activate! Form of, good advice!

Thanks again.

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