Friday, September 08, 2006

Um ... yeah.

Hey law enforcement, government entities and legal office workers who visit here: Did any of you get the most bizarre fax this morning?

It started off: Dear World Citizens, Canadians, Americans:

And quickly went downhill from there. Apparently, the senders of this message believe that somebody is "mentally sick" and "in human." I don't know who exactly. Let me print an excerpt and maybe you can understand it:

We need to realize, our Police forces to all our nations, have shown us they are so baffled, in shock to the knowledge of all above, with church leaders, union leaders, each Rabbi to our world, Muslim, Islamic, Sheik church leaders and everyone trying ot convince our world, that which Calgary Alberta, and Alberta lawyers and Judges have proven to our citizens, since the year 1980 - they are truly mentally sick and in human.

Does anyone have a clue what that means?

This fax was four pages! The last page contains this plea:

Students, Canadians, World Citizens,

Email the following into American military bases through-out our world, then email into Police departments through-out our world and United States of America quoting us:

Be advised a large group of American military wives and children are being held hostage underneath our two (2) Canadian (unreadable word) Drumheller and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The American military wives and children are family members to our American military officers that were locked into our underground military command headquarters below our Pentagon on (unreadable month) 22nd, 1995 in Washington D.C.!! (Yes, document can be faxed into our military bases!!)

Um, WTF Chuck?

Military bases do get the weirdest faxes sometimes.

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