Thursday, September 28, 2006

Parody dammit!

With this oven you could cook two turkeys, broil two different things, cook four different items and still cook some pancakes on the middle, built-in skillet. What're you waiting for, woman?Women of America, you have lost your way. But, take hope, I am here to show you the way!

At what point did you lose your love affair with the wonder of modern appliances -- the gas oven? What did the oven ever do to you? It's done plenty for you and your family, let me tell you.

A ladies and her oven should be the best of friends. It should be a lady's oven -- a LOVEN, if you will. If this is not the case, perhaps you just haven't cooked that meatloaf that you've had in mind. Maybe you feel that your oven has feelings for another lady. Take heart! This is not the case! Just broil a steak, it will cure everything!

On behalf of the BACK TO THE KITCHEN movement, I implore you, women, cook a potroast! Bake some bread!

Nothing says lovin' like something in your LOVEN!

A Utopian kitchen.What's wrong with the picture at right? Well, what woman has time to talk on the telephone when she's concocting creations in her kitchen?

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