Thursday, September 21, 2006

New toy fun

Click for larger picture.It must be toy day in blog land today. We got some new toys in the office today. Two 10.5mm fisheye lenses.

So I took some time to go out and take some pictures I've been wanting to take for a while. I've been wanting to take some shots of the front of our headquarters building for some time. We use these kind of shots often for all kinds of publications and requests for such kind of shots.

Now, I go out for a story today and decide it's a great time to take these shots.

Click for larger picture.I get to the front of the building and there's a doggone van out there in front, so I couldn't get some of the shots I want. At least not that I'll use for reproduction somewhere.

But I was able to shoot some "proof of concept" photos. The flagpole shot was exactly what I wanted. Turned out exactly like I wanted. Damn van.

The next shot was better than I expected. I stepped on the other side of the van to get some idea what my field of vision would be. I was able to get far more in the picture than I thought. They claim 180 degrees. Not sure if it's quite there (shooting with a D1, the CMOS senor is smaller than a 35mm mirror and film), but it's doggone close.

Can't wait to do some more shooting. FTTW is having a photography "contest" and I think this has secured for me the idea I was thinking about.

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