Monday, June 26, 2006

Coffee, coffee, coffee ... Monday

Coffee Heaven
In Cullenland, there would be a town Coffee supply in place of, or in addition to the town water supply.
I didn't want to go to work today. It was a fight, man.

Usually it's pretty easy to fight back the urge to call in. I shave, take a shower and am generally good to go. I mean, not like I'm happy about it or anything, but by this time, I've accepted my fate.

Not this morning, man.

I got up and spit up something alien. Ugh. Nasty green slime you may just give me reason to call in sick. But, I'll give it some time and see if I wake up. See if I change my mind.

Shaved, showered and dressed. I turn on the computer, and make my way to the coffee pot. If anybody can get me to work, you can, black caffeine juice maker.

It's not often that I re-heat coffee. If it's been sitting in the pot overnight, it usually gets dumped. But, this morning, I decided to salvage a cup. Nuked it up as I prepared the regular blend. I guess sometimes the reheat is a good thing. Amazingly, it had great flavor. Better than when I first brewed it.

I could cliche, I guess -- mother's milk, drink of the gods, oil for the motor, yadda, yadda, yadda -- it got me going this morning. Thank you brew.

So, here I am at work. With nothing to do. Should have called in sick.

Hey, I'm gonna close the caption contest today at 6 p.m. EST. Get your entries ready. The only prize you win is bragging rights.

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