Monday, February 25, 2008

Belief is a funny thing

Politically anyway. Well, not just politically, but that's where I'm going with this.

I have been thinking lately about the relative honesty of some of our candidates -- their perceived beliefs in the things they're talking about, anyway. I get the impression from McCain and Clinton that they will say pretty much anything to get voters to sway their way. You see Clinton go from center to left depending on her audience. You see McCain do much the same. Obama, on the other hand, really seems to stick to message (lacking substance though it may) and I get the impression that he really believes the things he's saying and espousing. This, I think, is where you get the "hope" that so many seem to be tacking to his campaign.

Scares me to death. And that's odd because with a candidate I agree with, I want him to truly believe the things he's saying. But this guy, who seems sincere, and who has, honestly, a likeable TV presence, scares me so because I completely disagree with most of what he's saying and what his campaign has put out about his stances.

Weird that. In the best of times, I can get a candidate who I like, who says things I like and who I think truly believes what he says. In the worst of times, my ideological opposition gets that. In the middle, I would rather have a honest-to-goodness politician because at least I know when I'm being lied to -- every time they open their mouth.

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