Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Idol thoughts 2-19

Yes, I watched last night's show. No, I really don't have any critique of this pack of overly effeminate dudes, except to say that this year's pack is full of guys that look like other famous people.

We've got a dude that claims to look like Ellen DeGeneres, but for my money, looks a lot more like Alex Winter.

Then we have this cat, who, not so much in this picture, but during his performance, reminded me of Billy Madison. Not Adam Sandler, mind you, Billy Madison.

And then this guy -- a Matthew Fox wannabe.

This kid came right out and said people always compared him to Leif Garrett and Peter Frampton.

Lastly, there's this Bruce. He reminds me a lot of Paul Gilbert.

See in this what you will.

For actual recaps, go see the girls at American Midol, or Sarahk at Snark Raving Mad.

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