Thursday, February 07, 2008

Where's your FEMA now?

Listening to NPR on the way to work, they had a piece about the recent tornadoes that tore through the Mid-South and Southeast the past couple of days. One thing they said caught my attention though. They said that the federal government has dispatched FEMA representatives to the affected areas.

Wait a minute. You mean FEMA wasn't there? They didn't predict it? You mean to tell me that FEMA is a reactive agency?

Well, in light of Katrina I say: How dare the federal government not have some kind of branch of prognostication? How dare FEMA not have their protective domes ready for just such an emergency? How dare the Bush administration not use their weather machines (the same that steered Katrina into New Orleans, apparently) to stop this diabolic storm?

Hyperbole aside, I am surprised that there has been no outrage yet among the disaffected communities about the "lack of response." I further found it funny that in more rationale times, now I guess, the fact that FEMA is responding to an emergency makes perfect sense. Sure couldn't convince New Orleanians (Orleanites? Orleansites?) of that fact though.

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